I’m kind of a jerk. Will I feel welcome here?

Jerks are not welcome at our race. In fact, they’re not really welcome anywhere except in politics and on TV.

What if there’s not enough snow?

In the event of no snow, or too little to safely hold a snowshoe race, we simply will make it a trail-run, cross-country sort of race. In any event, we will have a race and we’ll have fun if it kills us. If the snow situation appears iffy at all, you should plan to bring a pair of sturdy shoes or boots to run in, just in case.

What if the race is canceled? Do you issue refunds?

No refunds will be issued if the race is canceled for any reason. However, T-shirts will still be available for pickup.

Level with me—is this mostly just for locals?

Nope. We’ve had racers from all over the US and around the world. If you’re coming from far away, try not to make fun of our accents.

Are there heated indoor areas for participants and spectators?

Yes. A chalet and changing areas are available.

How strenuous is the course?

It’s a hilly course with lots of ups and downs, though overall elevation change is relatively low.

Will medical personnel be on hand?

No. Please ensure you are in adequate physical health.

Will there be a place to keep my gear besides my car?

Unfortunately, no, we do not have secure locker space available.

Is there a map of the course?

Not at this time.

Do all events start at the same time?

No, we start the 6 mile event about 15 minutes ahead of the 3 mile event.

Will food and beverages be available for purchase?

Yes. A limited selection of food and refreshments will be available for purchase at the Perkinstown Winter Sports Area .

Do I need to bring my own snowshoes?

That would be best. Some will be available to lend/rent on the day of the race, but don’t count on it.

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